I know that some people are very impatient (in a good way) regarding the first official release of Shellter Pro, which honestly makes me really happy.
The release has been postponed a bit, but hopefully it will happen by the end of February. It’s all a matter of getting rid of the final paperwork. We don’t control everything in this life.
There will also be another surprise that hopefully you will like, but I prefer to keep it a ‘secret’ for now.
Once everything is ready, Shellter v6.9 will also be released with some minor changes, and a (not serious) bug fix that was reported to me recently.

Thank you all for your patience and your support.

Shellter Updates in Kali Linux


Are you aware of that issue where the “apt-get install shellter” would just fetch an outdated version of Shellter?

Well, I guess that doesn’t matter anymore. :0P

This issue has now been solved for Kali users and there will be an automated check daily for the latest release of Shellter. So next time, you won’t get version 4.0 or whatever… ;0)

If you are an admin of another Linux Distro related to penetration testing, and you haven’t automated this yet, then please get in contact.

Last but not least, I woud like to thank @raphaelhertzog for his assistance in automating this process for Kali users, which made life a bit easier for everyone.


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