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Shellter v7.1

Compatible with: Windows & Wine/CrossOver for Linux/Mac.

Executable - SHA256:

Note: You can perform a cross-integrity check of the main executable by checking also the SHA256 stored in the twitter account.

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Linux Packages

Warning: Linux Distros repositories might be outdated. Use the download link that is provided at the top of this page to always get the latest version. This probably doesn’t apply for Kali Linux users as an automated check, that runs daily, has been added by their developpers.

Kali Linux:
apt-get update
apt-get install shellter

BackBox Linux:
apt-get update
apt-get install shellter

Make sure you have the following two entries in your BackBox system software sources:
deb trusty main
deb-src trusty main

Arch Linux:
yaourt -Syy
yaourt -S aur/shellter

Many thanks to my friend Borja (@Borjiviri) for creating the following packages:

Debian Linux

Arch Linux

Note: The Debian package currently installs v2.0, the Arch package should download the latest version (v7.1).
Keep in mind that Shellter runs under Wine and it doesn’t require any extra dependencies. You can always use the download link on top of the page, either if you plan to use it in a native Windows host or through Wine in Linux.
Repositories for linux packages might also take some time before they are updated, and I am also not spending any time on this.
In case your distro includes an earlier version of Shellter in its repositories, after installation you can substitute the shellter.exe module with the latest binary using the aforementioned download link.

Earlier Versions


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