Shellter Pro Plus [Enquiries]

Shellter Pro Plus1 licenses include by default both the x86 and x64 builds of the software.

Please read the eligibility terms before contacting us.

Upgrade from Pro (1-Year)€550€6703
New license (1-Year)€720€8703
New license (2-Years)€1350€16502
New license (5-Years)€3100€38501
Renew License (1-Year)€670€820*
Renew License (2-Years)€1250€1450*
Renew License (5-Years)€2500€3250*
*Renewal orders must include all expired licenses associated with a specific account and/or company/organization.

Payments are currently made via wire transfer only. Customers must handle any payment fees that apply on their side of the transaction.

All emails must be sent to sales[at]shellterproject[dot]com [PGP].
Please include “Shellter Pro Plus [Purchase Enquiry]” in your email subject.

  1. Shellter Pro Plus has been proven to be extremely effective against AV products. However, technically speaking, this is a very dynamic situation, and for that reason it’s not possible to offer guarantees against specific vendors and their products. Results may also vary depending on user’s experience. ↩︎


We do not support nor condone illegal activities in any shape or form. This software is offered with the sole purpose to assist ethical hackers in their daily jobs during Penetration Testing and/or Red Team engagements. The author of this software and INSAINTED LTD assume no responsibility for any unlawful actions taken and any damages caused by using this software.

AV Evasion Artware