Shellter Pro [Enquiries]

The standard version of Shellter does the job and does it really well, but Shellter Pro raises the bar with additional features.

A quick overview of features offered through our different editions of Shellter Pro series can be found through our feature-comparison table.

By getting Shellter Pro you also ensure that you are always one step ahead from AV products for Windows1.

Perpetual [x86+x64]€580€6953
Upgrade from x86
(existing licenses only)
*If you own already 3 or more licenses, your upgrade/renewal order must include at least 3 users.

Payments are currently made via wire transfer onlyCustomers must handle any payment fees that apply on their side of the transaction.

All emails must be sent to sales[at]shellterproject[dot]com [PGP].
Please include “Shellter Pro [Purchase Enquiry]” in your email subject.

  1. You must read and accept the EULA terms before making any purchase enquiries.
  2. All purchase enquiries must be sent through a corporate email account.
  3. The associated domain name must be a minimum of 5 years old.
  4. The associated company must have a publicly accessible profile/ presence on social media that can be easily examined during the vetting process.
  5. Use of secure email exchange AND storage is mandatory!
    We use PGP by default, but OME is also an acceptable solution for organisations that don’t allow other email encryption types.

In order for the enquiry to be processed further, it must comply with all rules as shown above.

We apologise for any inconvenience these extra rules might cause to newly established Infosec companies. However, protecting the online community from potential abuse of our software is far more important than selling a few extra licenses.

We keep the right to refuse to do business with anyone if there are serious grounds to believe that certain requirements, that may be entirely within our discretion, are not met.

Shellter Pro Validation

Version 4 and newer:
Both binaries, main executable and disassembler DLL module, are signed using a certificate from a trusted CA (Sectigo). Please make sure their integrity has not been tampered with by validating their signatures. If in doubt, please drop us an email.

Earlier versions:
The downloaded archive contains a standalone signature file that you can use to validate the executable of Shellter Pro. The PGP key used to create the signature file is located inside the “PGP” folder.
You can cross-verify the PGP key and the signature file by getting the key from the MIT PGP Public Key Server if you wish.

License Types Information

All license types are per-user licenses and they can be transferred to any device owned by the person and/or company that purchased them as long as the amount of users does not exceed the number of purchased licenses.
We keep the right to revoke a license under certain circumstances including, but not limited to breach of our EULA, abusive behaviour towards a member of our stuff during communication exchange, and in the interest of protecting the online community from potential misuse of our software.

Note: Other currently available or future products that may have slightly or completely different names such as “Shellter Pro Plus/XTRM/etc…”, are not included.

  1. Shellter Pro has been proven to be extremely effective against AV products. However, technically speaking this is a very dynamic situation, and for that reason it’s not possible to offer guarantees against specific vendors and their products. Results may also vary depending on user’s experience. ↩︎


We do not support nor condone illegal activities in any shape or form. This software is offered with the sole purpose to assist ethical hackers in their daily jobs during Penetration Testing and/or Red Team engagements. The author of this software and INSAINTED LTD assume no responsibility for any unlawful actions taken and any damages caused by using this software.

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