For the past three years, Shellter has been widely used by many Infosec professionals with great results. A few lucky ones had also early access to the pro build. So, here it is what people have to say about Shellter Pro and Shellter in general.

“Shellter allows you to forget about AVs and EndPoint products all at once, so you know that your backdoored binary will bypass them. This allows you to focus on persistence and lateral movement, rather than worrying if your payload was caught or not.

I’m a big fan of the the multi-payload functionality of Shellter Pro since it allows you to have multiple reverse connections on both DNS, HTTP and HTTPS protocols: this helps a lot on hardened enviroments with strict egress traffic rules.
The tool is flexible enough to be used on both Linux via Wine or directly on Windows, and can be used by both skilled hackers to customize options or in auto-mode.

Last but not least, the fact you can choose between one-liners (great for API integration) or interactive mode gives you maximum freedom on how you use it.

In other words when doing Red Teaming, Phishing or Internals  and your targets are Windows boxes, you need Shellter Pro.”

Michele Orru’ aka @antisnatchor – Pentester/Red Teamer & Beef Framework Core Developper.

“Shellter takes a very elegant approach to evade detection that is proven to be successful against both AVs and humans.

This tool is ideal for security professionals who truly care about understanding how things work and want to save time in getting their payloads in the right place.”

Francisco Ribeiro aka @blackthorne – Principal Offensive Security Engineer

“Shellter Pro cuts through AVs like a hot knife through butter!

It is an essential tool in any pentester or red teamer arsenal for evading the AVs in engagements.

It *IS* the state of the art in evasion techniques, and ensures that you don’t have to worry whether your binary will get flagged by AVs, because it surely will not.
Simple enough to use, but with enough options for more complex requirements.

Get it now, or you’ll regret you didn’t the next time your binary is quarantined.”

Bruno Morisson aka @morisson – Penetration Testing Services Director / BSidesLisbon founder

“On many occasions, I was faced with Antivirus software bypass in order to be able to compromise further the targets. 

The outstanding work on Shellter has significantly contributed to achieving my goals and had an excellent and effective impact on my infrastructure and red teaming assignments.

Therefore, I highly recommend using the Shellter Pro Edition in your projects.”

Spiros Fraganastasis aka @m3g9tr0n – IT Security Consultant.

“Tested Shellter against every protection we had, McAfee Endpoint, Viewfinity, McAfee Web Gateway and many others. All PWNED!

Even had the chance to test an exe I made with Shellter on some new machine learning AV solutions @ BHUSA 2016.
Long story short- PWNED! Good luck AV world!”

Eddie Rios – Senior IT Security Analyst

“Have been using Shellter for some time now. The options available are definitely what is required for successful AV evasion.

Many options to match the needs per case. Embedded options for payloads but also the ability for custom payload use, make it quite flexible.
In addition it is quite easy to use so the AV bypass process doesn’t take time. Awesome tool !!!”

Anna Manousaki – Senior IT Security Consultant

“From what we’ve seen at TestmyAV.com, Shellter is setting the benchmark for creating the hardest PEs for AV to catch.”

Carl Gottlieb aka @CarlGottlieb – Consulting Director, TestmyAV.com (AMTSO member)

“It’s powerful, comprehensive and totally reliable. Every time I needed to bypass an AV, Shellter did the job!!!! And with so many options and functionality, there is no way you can’t get the job done.

Definitely the best tool out there…”

Kyprianos Vasilopoulos – Principal IT Security Consultant

“Nowadays, real word AV evasion tools are not silver bullet, but at this moment I think Shellter is the best choice.
The real evasion rank (not VirustTotal style websites) is very high.  At the present, in my engagements it is the first tool that I try if I need to bypass AV.”

Guglielmo Scaiola aka @S0ftwarGS – Senior Security Consultant

“Sometimes you only have one chance to get a user to execute a payload. This is were I turned to Shellter.
This is one of the only solutions I have been able to use that doesn’t get detected by AV and allows multiple payloads to be chained in the same PE.
Because of all the available customizations, Shellter is the most powerful AV evasion tool out there today! Shellter is now my go-to tool when I need to evade AV!”

Ricky Freeman aka @f0rkb0mbed – Pen Tester and Technical
Security Consultant

“Coming from a contorted and unpredictable DIY process, ShellterPro suddenly became my tool of choice when i need to bypass AV/EPP.
Multiple payloads functionality also helps when you want to be sure that the endpoint will reach your metasploit host, or at least to try more than one way.
Give it a chance, you won’t go back.
Plus: it’s almost priceless.”

Sandro Zaccarini aka guly – Security Consultant

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