Shellter Pro -News-


As it  has been mentioned already, Shellter Pro is still something that it has not been abbandoned. In fact, today there was some extra work on it for testing a new feature while it’s being developped.

If you really like Shellter, and you want to see the Pro version coming up, then you should support this project with a small donation.
My aim is to also make Shellter Pro affordable for everyone. This means that the price will be really low, because this is the way it should be.

However, this still requires a lot of  extra personal time to be applied in this project. So, when you are out enjoying your beer, I need to skip that and dedicate my free time on it. This is not my full-time job.

You might think that your small donation won’t make any difference, but if everyone that uses Shellter gave a little, it would be more than enough to keep this going.

Your donations can, and will make a huge difference!


Shellter – End of Dev –

Hi all,

This is the end for the development of the standard version of Shellter as you know it.
This means that although I am not planning to add and/or modify any new/existing features in it, I will still support it in case a serious bug is discovered and requires a patch to be applied.
However, my response to this might be slower than the usual in the future. This means that it won’t be one of my priorities anymore, but I will still give a f*ck (probably).
I have come to the conclusion that this project takes too much of my time and gives back too little.
Yes, I know what you are thinking right now and believe me we are on the same page.
However, all this still doesn’t justify anymore the time that I keep spending on it.
If you start having issues with AVs and Shellter, you will have to seek for alternative solutions. That’s it.
That being said, Shellter Pro is still something that I haven’t completely dropped from my mind yet, so it might still come up in the future.
I spend a lot of time lately either working on it, or thinking if it’s worth it working on it, so I can’t promise you anything.
Last but not least, @fancy__04 has done some awesome work testing all latest builds before releasing them, so you should really thank him as well.

That’s all folks,

Shellter VI [6.5] -Released-

Latest version of Shellter is now available to download.

As always, please take some time to read about the updates applied.

This release addresses a couple of bugs discussed here and here, and it also adds some extra speed optimizations in the tracer.

Kudos to @fancy__04 for the time that he dedicates to beta testing, for this and for the upcoming ‘Pro’ version.