Shellter VI [6.6] -Released-

Latest version of Shellter is now available to download.

As always, please take some time to read about the updates applied.

This release addresses a bug discussed here,  and it also adds some extra minor updates.

I didn’t  have much time to spend on testing, so if something breaks let me know…

If you like this project and you want me to keep supporting it, then please donate. It’s that simple. :0)

Thank you,

Command line ‘––reflective’ Bug

Howdy, …long time no see!

Someone was kind enough to report a bug in the command line parser that is triggered when processing the ‘––reflective <FunctionName>’  switch/<parameter>.
It seems that this bug was introduced around version 5.x, while applying some updates in the command line parser.
What this means for you, is that if you want to use a reflective dll as a payload, then you need to do this from manual mode or auto mode without using the command line, until the fix is applied.
What this means for me, is that I have to release an update whenever possible…,most probably somewhere around mid-to-end of September. ;0)