Call For Demos

Read…Create…Win! ;o)

The main purpose of this contest, is to renew the already existing Demo Videos, while at the same time we will have the chance to enjoy some creative ways of using Shellter to inject shellcode into native, standalone 32-bit Windows executables.

Submissions will be mainly judged based on the creativity and the complexity used to inject the shellcode through the various features and possibilities provided by Shellter.
Furthermore, AV detection rates will be taken in consideration. So, do not upload your submitted samples to online scanners before the contest is over. This is also a contest rule, and participants doing otherwise will be disqualified immediately.
Finally, the video recording quality will also count towards the overall evaluation of each submission.

Send your submissions to with subject ‘Call For Demos’.

The following 3 prizes will be given to the top three videos:
1st Prize: £50 Amazon Voucher
2nd Prize: £30 Amazon Voucher
3rd Prize: £20 Amazon Voucher

Contest Deadline
Extended until: End of March 2015.

Winners Announcement
Depends on the amount of submissions.

Contest Rules
i) The shellcode used must launch calc.exe as a PoC.
ii) The final executable must be submitted along with the demo video.
iii) Only one submission per participant will be accepted.
iv) A participant can ask to re-submit. In that case the previous submission will be dropped.
v) Other tools can be used for creating the shellcode and/or a custom encoder etc…
vi) Participants must not upload their submitted samples to online AV scanners before the contest is over.
vii) Try to keep your videos short and realistic in terms of amount of time required to reproduce the same technique. Like if you had to do this during a penetration testing job.
viii) Prizes cannot be exchanged for money.
ix) Participants must use the latest version of Shellter.
x) Participants can use nicknames to protect their identity.

Participants assume full responsibility of their actions by using Shellter as stated in the License Agreement.
After submitting a video, it is implied that you give the right to the creator of this contest to decide if he will publish it in public or privately along with the (nick)name of the person that submitted the video.
The creator of this contest keeps the right to cancel the contest if cheating is suspected, such as multiple submissions from a single user, or if not enough submissions have been done.

Good luck,