Introducing Shellter Pro v4.0

Hi all,

It’s been a long time since the last major upgrade release. We successfully maintained v.3x releases with bug fixes and minor updates for the past 3 years.

However, going through the development of a new major version requires a lot of extra effort. It’s not just about adding some new features but mainly introduce functionalities that give added value to our software.

There are quite a few stages required to put everything together and make sure that all new things can work flawlessly with all existing and possible future additions. All this, combined with our regular job role and responsibilities, make it even harder to catch up as fast as we would normally like.

We are proud to announce that Shellter Pro v4.0 is going to be released soon. The plan is to release it somewhere in the next month or so, but no later than the end of July, unless something else comes up and we need to postpone for other reasons.

It has become sort of a tradition to give a code name to every major release, and this one is no exception

That said, this time we decided to name this release after ‘George Floyd’. An African American man brutally murdered by a police officer has now become a global symbol against racism and the violence that is generated by beliefs that are fed by ignorance and hate.

With regards to the upcoming release, a lot of things have been improved internally, not always directly visible to the user, and a very important feature has been added.

A few highlights of the upcoming release are listed below.

The so-called ‘Auto mode’ that is the user-friendly way of operating our software has been cleaned up to minimise even further the input required by the user. In the upcoming release, this mode will only require the absolute minimum input by the user, thus making its usage even more fun. This is also the recommended way for most users to operate our software.

The fully-customisable ‘Manual Mode’ as well as operating all the options via command line for further automation via scripting will be still present.

The beloved ‘Stealth Mode’ feature that maintains the original functionality of the infected binary, which may be the required behaviour in some scenarios, has been made even more reliable.
The process of restoring the original code functionality on runtime while the payloads execute in the background is more sophisticated than before. It now takes into consideration other threads that might be already active by the time the injected code is reached.

Our ‘Multi-payload Injection‘ has been improved so that payloads are now executed in a synchronized manner. This means that payloads will still execute in order of injection but now each payload will execute only after the main thread of the previous one has exited. This gives you more control over what actions will be taken, when, and in what order.

Finally, we added run-time ‘Relocations Fixup’ functionality in order to maintain the dynamic base of the infected binary and allow it to blend even better among modern clean binaries found on a system. This will work with both DLLs and EXEs and of course, it can be used with any combination of available features.

Last but not least, we are about to introduce a special build of the upcoming Shellter Pro with a slightly modified name as a separate product that will be able to implement also run-time AV/EDR evasion tactics.

We will provide further information on this once the regular Shellter Pro v4.0 build has been released.

As always, if you own a ‘premium’ Shellter Pro license you will get all the upcoming regular Shellter Pro releases for free.

Few things that we can say for sure straight away are that this new special build will have slightly different licensing, and a more strict vetting process on purchase enquiries. This means that even if you have a Shellter Pro license or you are eligible to buy one, you might still not be eligible to purchase a license for that special build.

However, if you do have a premium license already and you are eligible to get the special build, then you will get it with a discount. That is at its current price minus the amount you paid when you bought the regular one.

Pre-orders for the regular Shellter Pro v4.0 will be announced soon at a discounted price.