Introducing Shellter Pro [x64]

Hi all,

We are proud to announce that we are in the process of finalizing support for 64-bit PE EXE and DLL modules, which will allow you to directly execute 64-bit payloads without any extra hassle.

This is not a change that happened overnight and definitely not as simple as re-compiling using this architecture. We are obviously the ones to blame for this due to some bad decisions that were taken when this project was originally released in 2014. As time went by, we turned our focus into adding new features and enhancing existing functionality which brought us to “Shellter Pro v1.0” released in 2017.

While we were working on the Pro type though we progressively started modifying the whole project to initially build as 64-bit binaries, and then we began porting all the features to be compatible with the new architecture.

With the latest release of Shellter Pro v4.0, we decided that it was about time to complete this transition and finally offer a variant that will allow our users to infect modern 64-bit binaries and execute 64-bit payloads as easy as they have been doing with the old 32-bit binary targets.

This new build will be offered and charged separately.

Those who already own the 32-bit build will be able to upgrade to the 64-build at a discounted price.

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