License Agreement -Updated-

Hi all,

In order to protect the efforts and the time that is being dedicated to the development of this tool, the license agreement had to be updated.
The updates have been applied already in the license agreement and they have immediate effect in the current, future, and all past releases of Shellter.

As mentioned in statement ‘9’ of the previous license currently found in the downloaded archive of Shellter up to version 6.4: ” It is responsibility of the user to check for any modifications in this license agreement, and adjust the way he is using this software accordingly.”

The updated document of the license agreement will be included by default in the future releases of Shellter as usual.

If you include Shellter in a pentest framework or in a linux distro repository just as an additional tool without abusing it in the way that I am about to describe, then you don’t have to change anything in the way you are using it.

So here’s what happened…

This decision was triggered by a ‘tool’ that recently emerged in the github account of ‘NCC  Group Plc’ named as ‘Winpayloads’, which is basically a script that executes Shellter using the supported command line interface.
In any other case, that wouldn’t be a problem. However the following reasons made me to take action:

  1. They have built a script that basically runs Shellter and they call it a ‘tool’, hence using it for marketing purposes as well. They are so proud that there is even a youtube video about it.
  2. They use it in a very weak way which doesn’t allow Shellter to apply important features in the output, hence affecting its efficiency and its reputation in a negative way.

It’s hard to describe with words how ‘lame’ all that is, but  the efforts, the dedicated time, and the license agreement that come with Shellter are not negotiable.

Update: References to Shellter have now been removed from ‘Winpayloads’.

Shellter is free for use, but not to be abused in such ‘lame’ and ‘scriptkiddie’ ways!