Linux Distros Repositories

I have decided not to update anymore various Linux Distros repositories. If their people want to check for newer versions and update them; they can do so, but I don’t have to know about it.

I am really thankful to those that added a package for Shellter in their repos, but I really need to move on with other things.

The main reason I took this decision for, is that you don’t actually need an installation package for Shellter. As long as you have Wine installed that supports 32-bit Windows applications, that’s all you need.

Shellter doesn’t have any dependencies on Linux other than Wine, and for that reason you can just simply download the latest version from my website and run it.
The second reason, is that I personally can’t care enough to spend time on things that are totally optional.

The third reason is that I know very well that who wants to use Shellter, will do so either if he has to download it from a Linux repository, or from this website.

It’s also really annoying seeing people still using version 4.0, just because they blindly rely on repositories and they can’t even bother to visit the official website to see that the project has gone a lot forward since that version was released.

If they can’t bother, why should I?

The infosec community has already expressed their interest with regards to Shellter. There are already many videos on youtube and blog posts from people that I have never met or spoken to in my life, and that’s the big reward for me.

I totally appreciate that, but I don’t have to follow up with any repositories, because if you need Shellter you know where to find it!