Moving on…

First of all, I would to say a big ‘Thank you!’ to all the people that took some time to send comments and feedback.

This is the first release of Shellter, so there are things to improve and things to add. I have already some things in mind to start working on for the upcoming release of Shellter v1.1.

This release will not include major functional updates, but it will be rather a maintenance release with mainly internal source code structure optimizations that were anyway planned before the official release of Shellter. All feature updates will be documented, so when the time comes you will now where to find what.

Meanwhile, I have registered #Shellter on freenode so if you want to discuss anything about Shellter, you can join me there. As you might expect I am not able to be there 24/7 but if you guys  join whenever you can then there might be always someone to keep the channel up and running and to assist new users.

Thank you all!