Time for some cool news…no big spoilers this time though.

So, Shellter Pro v2.0 is being cooked and we have started testing the new feature already.

We still can’t give an exact release date, but if everything goes as planned it should happen in May.

Having said that, ‘Standard’ licenses are now discontinued and will not be available to purchase anymore.

This happens for the simple reason that nobody has bought that type of license and since version 2.0 will arrive soon, there is no reason to support v1.x once that happens.

Everyone with a license at this point has access to version 2.x releases anyway. This is because with a couple of exceptions of ‘Advanced’ license, everyone else bought a ‘Premium’.

In a few words, those with a license get version 2.0, we won’t have to support v1.x, and so everyone is happy.

There will be also a few more necessary changes in the license types that will benefit everyone involved.

In the meantime, we will shortly release Shellter Pro v1.3 in which we fixed an issue that can affect user experience in some rare cases.

Stay tuned!