Shellter 5.0 is coming…

I hear and see that people already have a lot of fun with Shellter 4.0, and its new features. It feels so nice to see hard work being appreciated. It really does!

However, still this is not enough for me. There are still things to implement to bring Shellter to the next level. Eventhough, those things are not too many anymore, you can rest assured that each new feature that is going to be added, it will be EPIC!

Indeed, Shellter 5.0 will again bring something new, by getting an old concept and transforming it to the next generation of dynamic shellcode injection and PE infection.

Some long evenings, and weekends are what I get for working on this. However, when it will come out you will see it’s really worth every second I spend on this new feature, in order to implement it, test it, and finally put everything together in Shellter’s engine.

Before screaming, remember, you asked for it!