Shellter -News-

My summer break is about to end, and I am already going through the feedback I have been receiving lately from the community of people that enjoy using Shellter.

Your words have been heard!

This is not the first time I say this, but I can’t stop being grateful towards all those people that have dedicated some of their precious time to spread the word about Shellter.

If you have any meaningful suggestions about improvements in existing features or about new ones, then please don’t hesitate to contact me and tell me something about it.

If you decide to send me an email about it, then please use ‘Feature suggestion’ as subject.

I am always taking all suggestions seriously, but of course things have to be prioritized based on what will actually bring more technical value in Shellter. If I think a suggestion is not currently an option or if the suggestion is out of scope regarding Shellter, I will still reply back to you explaining the reasons why I I decided not to implement it.

Thank you guys!