Shellter Pro v3.x [EOL]

Hi all,

Earlier releases of Shellter Pro prior to v4.x have now reached end of life and will not be supported nor be available to download anymore.

If you own a premium license, you may login to your account and follow the instructions on how to request access to v4.x software releases.

If the license was purchased before 2021, you can do this free of charge until end of July 2022. After, that the license will be permanently deleted from our systems and you will have to purchase another.

In case you have lost your access credentials, or your account has been disabled due to inactivity, we will have to take you through our verification process before we provide new credentials.

Same applies if your account is still active, but your original email has changed. In that case you will have to provide detailed information regarding your original license purchase.

Please note that our vetting process has become more strict with time. In the interest of protecting the online community from potential abuse of our software, we keep the right to refuse to provide access to new releases in case some requirements are not met.