Shellter V -News-

The new version of Shellter is on its way. :0)

I am currently testing the new features, and today I have also started updating the relevant release notes.

This means that the official release of Shellter V will happen quite soon.

The Stealth Mode feature of the upcoming Shellter, preserves the original application while it keeps the unique feature of dynamic PE infection, and at the same time introduces another unique capability.

Indeed, Stealth Mode can also be used to dynamically infect the same PE file with multiple payloads, which all of them will run independently while the application will keep running as intended.

While this might look simple from a static injection point of view, when this is combined with dynamic PE infection it is nothing less than pure pleasure.

So, why just infect a binary with a meterpreter_reverse_tcp stager while you can also add reverse_https, add_user, bind_tcp and any other payload you wish to combine?

Stay tuned!