Shellter v1.1 -Released-

A brand new version of Shellter has been released!

This version introduces some minor modifications in the error message notifications and lots of internal source code optimizations.

Finally, Shellter v1.1 introduces Basic and Advanced operation modes.

In Basic mode, Shellter will ask only for the necessary input from the user, hence PE file target and the payload to inject. The rest of the operations are handled automatically by the tool itself.
This operation mode was introduced in order to make the tool more user-friendly and provide a quick mode of usage without going through all the advanced options and features of Shellter.
Having said that, this operation mode is less flexible since it needs to guarantee a successful injection without going into details that the user would normally be able to manipulate in the Advanced mode.
In order to provide 100% compatibility with encoded payloads, when in Basic mode the tool will automatically change the permissions of the section where the injection occurs, and it will not give the option to the user to choose one of the encoded payload handlers.

In Advanced mode, Shellter provides all the features and options that were introduced in Shellter v1.0, which makes Shellter more flexible, powerful and unique, but it also requires more interaction by the user.

More updates and optimizations are going to be made in order to keep bringing Shellter to the next level of fun and innovation regarding dynamic PE infection.

Last but not least, I would like to thank @adamast0r and @blackthorne of the beta team for their useful feedback about Shellter.