Shellter v1.7 Wine Beta #1 -Released-

Finally, the first native Windows & Wine/CrossOver compatible build of Shellter has been released.

The new updates not only allow Linux/Mac users to take advantage of Shellter without the need of a Windows VM, but also enhance the tracing speed to another level.

Furthermore, the tracing option ‘Start Trace from EntryPoint/System DLL’ has been removed from this new build since it was there mostly for testing and it will be probably replaced by another one. However, this option is still available in the Windows-Only compatible build of Shellter v1.7.

Last but not least, there is a known issue in the tracer of the first Wine/CrossOver compatible build. The tracer might return RMEM_ERROR_02 and stop the tracing stage. When this happens, you can still proceed with the injection stage by using the already logged execution flow. This issue is rare, and I will try to eliminate it as soon as possible, when I get some time to spend on it.