Shellter v1.8 -Released-

The latest version of Shellter has been released and it’s now available to download.

This new build brings some extra usability enhancement updates that make Shellter even more user-friendly.

Shellter v1.8 merges the Native Windows-Only and Windows/Wine tracing engines into the same build. This means that from now on when you use Shellter in a native Windows host you can select which tracing engine to use. When you run Shellter under Wine, the compatible tracing engine is automatically selected by the program.

Furthermore,  Shellter v1.8 introduces command line support for the basic mode of operation. This makes using Shellter much easier and gives the possibility to automate its usage through scripting.

Last, but not least, the option ”Start Trace from EntryPoint/System DLL’ which was available up to version 1.7 of the Native Windows-Only compatible build, has now been completely removed since it was originally placed there for testing and it was mostly obsolete.

To sum up, as you might have already noticed, there is quite a bit of work towards usability enhancements. The main goal, is to make the basic mode as powerful as possible as the advanced mode, without affecting it’s simplicity.

In fact, the next update will bring to basic mode a feature that at the moment is only available through advanced mode… ;o)