Shellter v1.8 -Upcoming-

The new version of Shellter is currently on its way.

Even though Shellter v1.8 will not include the big update, in terms of functionality, that I talked about in the previous post, it will still bring a couple of enhancements that some people have been asking since its very first release.

The new version, introduces a command line parser for the Basic Mode operation which is the most common way of usage by the majority of people. This addition will allow the user to start Shellter with just one line of arguments and do the job nice and easy.

Furthermore, Shellter v1.8 will merge the two tracing engines into the same build. This will give the option to the user, when running Shellter in a native Windows environment, to choose which tracing engine he prefers. In other words,  the user will be able to choose between the Windows-Only compatible tracing engine or the Windows&Wine compatible tracing engine.

There are two main reasons for which the new version of Shellter will contain both tracing engines. First of all, it will make it much easier for myself to maintain this project, since I will have to look after only one build. Secondly, as already mentioned, the new tracing engine compatible with both native Windows and Wine is much faster compared to the original one which is also not compatible with Wine.

Even though the new engine is not perfect, it is definitely usable and some people might want to choose that one for speed purposes even when operating Shellter in a native Windows host.

However, for obvious reasons, when using Shellter from inside Wine the compatible engine will be chosen automatically by Shellter.

At this point, I am mainly testing the command line parser to ensure that there will be no problems with it. Once I am happy with it, I will move on merging the two engines into the same build and finally release to you a more user-friendly and powerful Shellter.