Shellter v3.0 -News-

After 3 months with no updates on Shellter, the new version is about to be released.
Time is limited and this is something I develop during my free time. That being said, whenever you see an update it means I had to sacrifice something else. :)
However, I am happy that I kept dedicating time on this project even if it’s not always easy to keep up with it.
Shellter v3.0 is even more powerful than its predecessors, but this is not the end of the road. ;)

The following two updates are the main changes in the latest version of Shellter in terms of usage.
More details will be given at the official release.

  • Polymorphic IAT type handlers.
  • Introducing Auto/Manual mode selection

Creating polymorphic IAT type handlers dramatically enhances the the polymoprhism in the final output.
The new thread context aware polymorphic engine can be used to break down an algorithm and mix effective instructions with polymorphic code that doesn’t break the original logic/behaviour of the original code.
This new feature, combined with the already existing junk code polymorphic engine, brings Shellter to the next level of AV evasion and sets the foundations for other exciting upcoming features.

Finally, you won’t see anymore the Advanced/Basic mode selection. The main reason is that these names were originally given for convenience, but the so called Basic mode was  not really basic for long time now. Welcome to the Auto/Manual mode selection. :)

Release date might be closer than you think… ;)