What’s Next?

During my talk in DC4420, I announced some upcoming updates for Shellter.

The updates are in some way listed based on a priority scale.

  • Update Polymorphic Engine
    • More Complex/Randomized Junk Code
  • Create Custom PolyMorphic Encoder
    • Break Detections over known Metasploit Patterns
    • Automate usage of Dynamic Thread Context Keys
  • Support User Profile Templates
    • Automate User Input
  • GUI
    • Click..Click..Click
  • x64
    • …maybe

Currently the top three upcoming updates are the most important to look into (not necessarily in that order) since they will make Shellter more powerful and user-friendly.

Meanwhile, if you want to become a Beta Tester, or if you just want to contact me to ask a question or share your thoughts, please feel free to step forward.