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Shellter Pro v2.5 -Released-


This release includes several minor updates that address some issues with Windows 10, and a rarely manifested bug in the last stage of Stealth Mode.

Apart from a tracer issue that was caused by Windows internals changes, we also fixed automatic console and font size adjustment.
So, if you use Shellter Pro in Windows 10 you won’t have to manually adjust the font size anymore.

In addition, we fixed an issue with automatic Windows error code translation to error message in Windows 10.
So if something goes wrong you won’t see the “Not a system-defined error” message if last error code is set to a Windows error code.

We also did some further changes that you can read about by clicking on the link above.



Exclusive BSides Lisbon 2017 offer!


So you are about to attend BSides Lisbon this year. Lucky you!

This year except from visiting a really nice city, talking with awesome people, and enjoying some greats talks, food, and beer, you also get a chance to buy Shellter Pro for professional usage at a much lower price.

Those that will attend BSides Lisbon 2017, will be able to get the Business Premium license at the price of the Individual Researcher license. The ‘Business’ license allows you to use Shellter Pro for both personal research and at work during your pentesting and Red Team engagements.

In addition,  the fact that Shellter Pro v3.0 will come out in the near future with further anti-AV signature enhancements and additional cool features, makes our offer a real deal!

So here’s how it works… Continue reading Exclusive BSides Lisbon 2017 offer!