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Shellter Pro & Shellter Updates

Dear friends,

We are going for a double release this time.

As promised, the community edition of Shellter is still supported, and latest version 7.0 includes all relevant bug fixes and minor improvements that were addressed during the development of Shellter Pro between versions 1.0 to the latest 2.2.

That being said, Shellter Pro v2.2 has been released with an update that fixes a bug in the obfuscation engine that could result into a crash if a PE file had certain characteristics.

Go Pro!


Shellter v7.0 -Upcoming-


So here’s some news about the community edition of Shellter.

As it was recently announced on Twitter,  I have put some extra work on it, in order to apply all relevant bug fixes that were addressed in Shellter Pro.

There is still some testing to do, but hopefully Shellter v7.0 aka ‘Shell7er’ will be released soon.

If you are a Pro…. Go Pro!

Thank you all for your support.