A couple of thoughts

It’s been already more than 2 and a half years since I started developping Shellter during my free time. To be honest, when I started this project I had no idea it would have gone that far.
During all this time, I have dedicated countless hours to this project which at some point it almost became an extra part-time job for me. Even though, I haven’t been working on this every single day of the week during that period, I have greatly compensated during weekends and holidays.
Shellter was brought to the community as a closed-source, but free to use application. Since the very first release of this tool, I have never asked for any sort of extra compensation other than the pleasure of seeing people using it.
However, as the time goes on and I keep putting an increasing effort and time to this project, I have started to feel that this is too much to handle along with my everyday job and research.
I really don’t want to abbandon this project, not yet. I feel that I can still add unique features to make it even better, and trust me there are plenty of ideas on the table.
You must have noticed that there is a donation sort of thing-button in the download page. Many thousands of downloads later, you will be surprised to know that apart from 5 people in total, nobody else has ever donated anything.
To make things clear, I am not trying to get rich from Shellter. I love my baby as it is, and I am still happy to support it and give it for free to the community. So don’t get me wrong, but seeing almost no donations after 1 and a half years since it went public it is also a little bit demotivating. Not as much to make me want to quit, but I am pretty sure that you get the point.
Since I want to keep working on it, there are two ways to go. Either asking for donations, which just the idea makes me feel bad,  because I see this as something that should be left totally on someone’s good will, or create a more advanced version of Shellter (more work for me) with some extra features and charge a very low, but fair price for it.
If you want to share any thoughts, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am always open to meaningful suggestions.