Shellter Pro, Premium, or Elite?

So, the decision was taken. An even more advanced edition of Shellter will be released in the near future.
The standard version will remain as you know it, with all the awesome features that already offers. It will still be supported in terms of minor updates, bug fixing, and optimizations. Furthermore, you will still be able to download it without any donation commitment.
The advanced version of Shellter will have some extra awesome features that will not be disclosed at the moment, but you can already bet that you will love them. However, in order to be able to keep dedicating time and other resources on this project, a minimum amount of donation will be required in order to get the advanced version.
This will be something really low, but fair enough to cover some of the resources that I am still allocating to make you happy.
Since I want to believe there is a lot of honor, ethics, and decency in our industry I will totally trust in the people’s choice to decide if they should share their advanced build with the rest of the world, or keep it just for them so that others will donate as well to help this project move on.
Sometimes, when you know more, you do less.

So I guess, now the question is what the name should be; Shellter ‘Pro’, ‘Premium’, or ‘Elite’?

You many contact me for suggestions.