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Shellter Pro v4.x [EOL]

Shellter Pro was the first commercial edition of our software that helped shape the future of this project. It introduced many advanced features that dramatically increased the capabilities of Shellter.

With the ongoing advancements in defensive software, it was made clear that we had to step up our game as well.

With that in mind, Shellter Pro Plus came into play which introduced runtime evasion features, amongst many others.

That being said, we decided it was about time to end support for the standard Pro edition; effective end of 2023.

Simply put, it is not worth our time and effort to keep maintaining a project that does not meet our newly set standards, and technical requirements against modern security software.

Please note that the Shellter Pro Plus edition has additional eligibility terms. In order to enquire for an upgrade, a company and/or organisation must comply with all of them.

Thank you all for your continuous support!


Shellter Pro Plus v8.3 [Released]

Our latest version update of Shellter Pro Plus software series is available to download.

We have introduced a major upgrade to our DLL infection capabilities that enables the user to backdoor and application through a DLL in a faster and more efficient way.

This was a feature request from our customers and so we are extra proud that we managed to deliver this one.

There is also an available demo for our ‘Enhanced Application DLL Backdooring’ feature that shows its capabilities.