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Shellter Pro v2.4 -Released-


Latest version of Shellter Pro has been released!

This update restores the checking for self-modifying code functionality in Manual Mode. We had sort of disabled that feature at some point while we were performing further testing on upcoming features.

We also added the ‘––examples’ argument in the help menu, which was already supported but wouldn’t show up in the available options.



Announcing Shellter Pro v3.0

Dear friends,

We are proud to announce that Shellter Pro v3.0 is officially under development.

Since the first release of Shellter Pro our main goal was to complement the community edition of Shellter with extra features.

These features had two main objectives.

First, it was about enhancing user experience (for example the EFD, and multi-payload chaining features) while at the same time we wanted to enhance also the AV evasion results by giving to the user extra options, such as adding support for DLL files and also incorporating a PE target file size increase functionality.

However, we thought that is was about time to give a greater focus to the AV evasion capabilities that is also the primary purpose of this tool. Continue reading Announcing Shellter Pro v3.0