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For a good cause…#2

Dear friends,

We are proud to announce our second donation towards a charity.

As we had announced, during the pre-order period for Shellter Pro v2.0, people could either buy a license with a 10% discount, or pay the full price and the 10% would be used for a donation.

We didn’t receive many pre-orders and from those only a few people decided to not take advantage of the discount opportunity.

That being said, we would like to thank everyone for supporting us, and send some extra kudos to those that allowed us to keep the 10% for a donation to a good cause. Continue reading For a good cause…#2

Shellter Pro v2.0 -Released-

Dear friends,

Shellter Pro v2.0 (Codename: Grace Hopper) has been released!

Latest major version brings dynamic payload injection in DLL files as it was already asked by a few people.

This new feature gives an extra boost in the AV evasion capabilities of Shellter Pro and allows the professional pentester/Red Teamer not just to evade AVs in different ways, but also to demonstrate extra persistence techniques to their customers.

Shellter Pro is the effort of just one developer and one prinicipal tester. Even though the team is small in numbers, it is clear already that through our daily responsibilities and independent research we can still dedicate time to this project.

All this, however, comes with a cost, and not just in terms of time and effort. For this reason we ask to the people that buy a license, to respect our efforts and play fair. This will allow us to bring this further.

Finally, for this release we gave the option to the people getting their licenses during the pre-order period to allow us to keep the 10% discount which we will give to a charity.

We would like to thank everyone that supported this new release already. We will donate the 10% of those that offered it for a charity, as soon as possible and we will let you all know about it.

Go Pro!