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Exclusive Offer – BSides Lisbon 2019!


So you are about to attend BSides Lisbon this year. Lucky you!

This year except from visiting a really nice city, talking with awesome people, and enjoying some greats talks, food, and beer, you also get a chance to buy Shellter Pro for professional usage at a much lower price.

Those that will attend BSides Lisbon this year will be eligible for a 20% discount on all orders/purchase enquiries made by, and including, Monday 2nd of December.

Please note that payments must be received by Monday 16th of December.

So here’s how it works… Continue reading Exclusive Offer – BSides Lisbon 2019!

Shellter Pro v3.3 -Released-

Dear friends,

Latest version of Shellter Pro is now available to download.

In this release we improved the randomization engine by incorporating support for the RNG provided through the MS Crypto API, both legacy and CNG.
Support for the standard ‘rand()’ function of C library still remains for reliability reasons, but it will be only used as the last resort in case a crypto function fails. Continue reading Shellter Pro v3.3 -Released-