For a good cause…#2

Dear friends,

We are proud to announce our second donation towards a charity.

As we had announced, during the pre-order period for Shellter Pro v2.0, people could either buy a license with a 10% discount, or pay the full price and the 10% would be used for a donation.

We didn’t receive many pre-orders and from those only a few people decided to not take advantage of the discount opportunity.

That being said, we would like to thank everyone for supporting us, and send some extra kudos to those that allowed us to keep the 10% for a donation to a good cause.

We managed to gather $33 (USD) and on top of those we added a few extra $$ to reach the amount of 50 Euros worth of a food pack from

This is a charity that takes place in Greece to give food to people in need during these difficult times of economic crisis.

The meaning of “oloi mazi boroume” is that “all together we can” help those that go through difficult times.

Shellter Pro is the best AV evasion tool for your Pentesting and Red Teaming engagements, and by purchasing a license you don’t just support this project, but you also help us to help others.

Go Pro!

Thank you all,