Introducing our latest gem: Shellter Pro Plus

While Shellter Pro enhanced the static AV evasion capabilities of the community edition and introduced new features and more advanced functionality, there was still a gap to fill in.

Security software keep evolving, and many companies have moved from the traditional AV software to more advanced solutions (EDR, XDR etc…).

However, many features are shared between these types of security software. It is common to see an extensive usage of user-mode hooks deep inside the native layer of NTDLL, the last gate before kernel mode for most OS functionality.

Security software may also implement other custom tricks in order to detect/block shellcode execution in memory. However, many of those are built upon known behaviour such as MSF shellcode exports table parsing and other well-known techniques.

That said, it was about time to bring an even more advanced edition of our Shellter software to the market to assist ethical hackers in their daily encounters.

We are proud to announce the upcoming Shellter Pro Plus, our latest addition to our successful Shellter Pro series software.

Shellter Pro Plus is equipped with advanced runtime evasion detection tricks and more features to turn even basic shellcode into a powerful payload by binding it with special functionality against runtime detection.

In addition, Shellter Pro Plus will offer AES-128 payload encryption with the ability to even fetch the keys from a user-defined server in order to protect your payloads from future analysis by simply removing the keys.

Furthermore, we have now published a feature comparison table to provide further details and differences between the various Shellter editions.

We will provide further updates here about pricing and licensing as we move on with testing of the new features that are being added. So, you are invited to come back and check the progress of the upcoming release.

Update 07/12/2022
Added “Pro Plus” edition eligibility information.

Update 11/12/2022
Updated feature comparison table.

Update 28/12/2022
Updated feature comparison table.

Update 12/01/2022
Final testing stage in progress.