Shellter Pro -News-


Final testing for Shellter Pro is about to be completed, and as for the past few months, @fancy__04 has been trying to break it by combining various features and extreme usage cases.

The official release of Shellter Pro v1.0 is scheduled to happen somewhere around mid-end January 2017. I will announce the exact day soon.

In addition to that, I am also planning to create a pre-order opportunity for a short period before the official release of Shellter Pro. During that time you will be able to get Shellter Pro for yourself and/or a friend with an extra discount.

Since a few people have been asking about pricing of Shellter Pro, it is about time to give some official information about this.

Standard license for individual researchers and self-employed professionals will be  just $30, while the same license type for a full-time employee, thus business license, will be $50. There will be of course bundle offers for business licenses.

There will be also three types of licensing levels: Standard, Advanced,  and Premium. The main difference between those will be the level of access in the future updates of Shellter Pro.

Standard license, gives access to the purchased major version of Shellter Pro and its subversions so that you can have access to bug fixes.

Advanced license, gives access to the purchased and the next major versions and all their subversions.

Premium license, gives access to the purchased and all the future major versions of Shellter Pro and their subversions.

Detailed information about the various license types and their bundles will become available once the pre-order period starts.

Many thanks,