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Shellter Pro v3.0 -Released-

Dear friends,

We are proud to announce that Shellter Pro v3.0 (Codename: Kris Kaspersky) has been officially released and is now available to download by its rightful license owners. :)

This is definitely best Shellter ever released with many useful extra exclusive features and tons of internal updates and optimizations that enhance even further the AV evasion results.



Introducing Shellter Pro v3.0!

Dear friends,

We are excited to introduce Shellter Pro v3.0 (Codename: Kris Kaspersky).

Scheduled for release on: 16/2/2018

A lot of work has been put on this release, and many things have been enhanced and greatly optimized.

A huge part of this work was dedicated into enhancing further the AV evasion capabilities of Shellter Pro, thus increasing the gap between the community and the Pro editions.

Finally, we also added a series of extra features that will not just create a better user experience, but will also, in combination with the rest of the internal changes, provide a lot better AV evasion results.

So here’s a summary of what’s coming up next with the release of Shellter Pro v3.0. Continue reading Introducing Shellter Pro v3.0!