Shellter Pro v1.0 -Released-

Dear Friends,

This is the most important day for Shellter Project since its very first public release on May 2014.

Shellter broke the rules of how shellcode injection in legitimate PE files works, and 3 years later its unique architecture still proves itself against Windows AV products.

Considering all the personal free time that has been dedicated to this project, and loads of sweat and tears later, Shellter Pro v1.0 (Codename: Dennis Ritchie) is like a dream coming true.

Shellter Pro is the product of many hours of extra work, driven by passion and love for IT Security, and it will be used to support the entire project and all the expenses that come with it.

However, Shellter Pro is not just about maintaining this project. Its main purpose is to help InfoSec professionals to save time from tasks that they shouldn’t struggle too much with, such as bypassing AV products.

Shellter Pro brings more exciting features to the already proven standard version of Shellter which is by far the best AV evasion solution in scenarios where executable files are involved.

The standard version of Shellter will still be supported in terms of bug fixing and will be offered for free as always.

I hope that Shellter Pro will meet your expectations and will assist you in your exciting Infosec adventures.

There are still more ideas for great features that can make Shellter Pro even better, and with your support nothing is impossible.

So what are you waiting for?!?!

Go Pro!

Thank you all,