Shellter Pro v3.3 -Released-

Dear friends,

Latest version of Shellter Pro is now available to download.

In this release we improved the randomization engine by incorporating support for the RNG provided through the MS Crypto API, both legacy and CNG.
Support for the standard ‘rand()’ function of C library still remains for reliability reasons, but it will be only used as the last resort in case a crypto function fails.

In addition, for those that enjoy using Shellter Pro with command lines through scripts etc…, we have now added a new feature that saves the command line arguments used each time into a file inside the working directory. So it’s now easy to re-use them whenever you need to.

Finally, we fixed a bug in the EFD loader feature. In particular, when the EFD feature was used, instead of live tracing of the target binary, if there were no available locations after the last stage filtering, then the time-travel feature that allows the user to reconfigure the data to inject would fail.
This happened because the EFD loader did not prepare the instructions-traced backup buffer as it normally happens when EFD is not used.

Last but not least, thank you all for supporting Shellter Pro, and for the great feedback that you send to us. You are our main motivation to keep this going!