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Shellter vs Veil

Updated: 01d/12m/2017

Since I have been asked already to provide an overview of Shellter versus Veil I decided to make one. Before you get mad at me, I want to make clear that in reality there is no attempt to bring anything or anyone against each other.
Also keep in mind that the comparison is only taking in consideration usage of executable files.

So, if you are a Veil developer and/or just an enthusiastic user of it and you think that I have missed something, or some information provided here is not accurate, then please contact me and it will be fixed as soon as possible.

Shellter v7.1 has been released recently and for once more it totally changes the game regarding shellcode injectors.
Shellter currently provides the lowest detections rates if used appropriately, that is by using encoded payloads, and/or by using Shellter’s encoder as a single and/or as an extra encoding layer.

Veil has been out there for long time now and many people already use it.

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