Shellter -News-


So here is what’s being happening at the moment regarding Shellter and the upcoming Shellter Pro.

I am currently testing Shellter v6.8 where some minor updates have been applied. The most important one is regarding the ––reflective argument. The command line parser will perform a couple of extra validation checks to ensure that it has been used correctly.

Regarding Shellter Pro, there is some substancial progress with it. It has been a bit slow as my free time is limited, but I am planning to boost a bit its development quite soon.
I am currenty testing a couple of really unique features that you have never seen before in a shellcode injector and/or PE infector of any type.
Furthermore, there is also a lot of work in automating more things in it which will make its usage faster…like a lot faster!
I wish I could reveal more, but I prefer to surprise you when the times comes.