Shellter Pro v2.0 coming up…

Dear friends,

We are proud to officially announce Shellter Pro v2.0!

The new version brings a new feature that some people have been asking already for some time now.

So, dynamic payload injection also in DLL files will now be supported.

This new feature respects all the concepts based on which Shellter was created and does not compromise any of them in any way.

Furthermore, this feature is compatible with all the existing features of Shellter Pro.

You can read more details about the new feature here.

As with the first release of Shellter Pro, there will be a pre-order period during which you can buy your license at a lower price.

However, this time we would like to give an extra option to the people that will take advantage of this opportunity.

So, you can either buy your premium license with a 10% discount, or pay the full price and in exchange for your generosity we will use that 10% of the profit from your payment, for donations towards one or more charities.

What’s the point in defeating an AV if we can’t help other people in need?

Pre-orders are now open until  Friday 19th of May.

Shellter Pro v2.0 is scheduled for release Monday 22th of May. 

Go Pro!

Thank you all,