Upcoming License Updates

Ok so…, first things first!

Before saying anything else, we would like to thank everyone that supported Shellter Pro by purchasing a license.

Your help is really appreciated. We even managed to make our own first donation to a good cause.

And that’s all thanks to you guys. W00t!!!

Now let’s move on to some important news about licensing changes that will be applied once pre-orders for Shellter Pro v2.0 start.

It was not a big surprise to see that almost everyone of those that got a license of Shellter Pro, chose the premium one.

Indeed, with a small difference in the price the premium license gives you access to all future updates. It is really worth it!

We have done our best to honour everyone’s support and in just over a month of the official release of Shellter Pro v1.0, three updates were released with various enhancements on existing features.

That being said, there is a change with regards to the license types.

Those that have bought already an advanced license, will get Shellter Pro v2.0 for free as agreed, and of course those with a premium license will still get all future Shellter Pro updates free of charge.

Now, for the upcoming buyers, from Shellter Pro v2.0 onwards ‘standard’ and ‘advanced’ licenses will be discontinued.
This is because, as mentioned already, with a single exception of an advanced license sold, everyone else got a premium license.

Handling only one license type is a lot more convenient for everyone involved, and in that way you can buy Shellter Pro once and have access to all future updates without any second thoughts.

In addition, by not having to support multiple versions of Shellter Pro at the same time we can deliver our updates much faster to everybody.

In a few words, once pre-order for Shellter Pro v2.0 begin, we will only have one license at the price of current premium license.

All the benefits of the premium license still aplly.

Finally, since nobody has bought a standard license for Shellter Pro v1.x, this version will no longer be supported, because everyone currently with a license will have access to Shellter Pro v2.0 and its subversions.

Stay tuned for news and upcoming pre-order offers.

Thank you all,