Shellter V [5.7] -Upcoming-

You must have noticed a few frequent updates being released these days; almost one per week. As the project moves towards the more advanced edition, it was necessary to go back and optimize a few things.
Furthermore, this is also an opportunity to implement all these minor, but important updates that contribute towards making Shellter even better and more user friendly.

These are the main changes in the upcoming Shellter V [5.7]:

  • Enhanced thread-context-aware polymorphic code.
    I have implemented a few optimizations and added also support for more instructions.
  • Optimized CTRL event listener.
    You will still be able to interrupt the tracing stage and proceed with the rest of injection stages, but now once the tracing has finished, Shellter will stop processing [CTRL+C] events as signals.
    Shellter does that in order to protect itself from being accidentally terminated by the user later on.
  • Cleaning up the dropped Disasm.dll module is now totally automated. Shellter will delete this either if the user presses [Enter] at the end of the injection process, or if he decides to terminate Shellter by closing the console window.