Shellter VI 6.9 -Released-


Finally, the new version of the free build of Shellter is now available to download. As always, don’t forget to read about the updates that were applied.

This release brings also some additional changes within various aspects of Shellter project.

First of all, you will have noticed by now that the logo looks different. Well, it was about time to ask someone to re-design it.

In addition, the logo inside the application has now a minimalistic look. I decided to remove that huge logo from Shellter itself as it didn’t fit really well with the console view.

So, here it is how it looks, and I hope you like it.

That being said, Shellter Pro will have its very own in-app logo which will respect that minimalistic look.

Furthermore, the application’s icon has also been updated to meet the new official logo, which is the one that you can see on top of the page.

Last but not least, final preparations for Shellter Pro are almost done and the pre-order period should start soon. As mentioned already, this will probably last for a couple weeks and during that time you will be able to get it with an extra discount over its, anyway, low price.

As I have always said, my intention and will were always to keep this tool free, the standard build remains as is, and in any case you will be able to get another build with extra features at a price that everybody can afford.

Stay tuned!