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Shellter V [5.7] -Released-

Latest version of Shellter is now available to download.

As always, don’t forget to read the release notes about the updates applied.

A more advanced edition of Shellter will be released in the near future. Read the news! ;0)

Last, but not least I have also uploaded a new demo video about configuring and running Shellter in Kali 2.0 x64. A few people had a problem running Shellter in the past because by default the x64 builds of Kali don’t include the 32-bit compatible package of wine.


Shellter V [5.7] -Upcoming-

You must have noticed a few frequent updates being released these days; almost one per week. As the project moves towards the more advanced edition, it was necessary to go back and optimize a few things.
Furthermore, this is also an opportunity to implement all these minor, but important updates that contribute towards making Shellter even better and more user friendly.
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