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Shellter V [5.9] -Upcoming-

A lot of work has been done towards code cleanup, optimizations and refactoring.

In addition to that, more checks and error handling have been added at the right places to increase reliability in the correct functioning of Shellter, as well as to facilitate the process of locating and solving a bug that might emerge in the future.

Furthermore, the stubs obfuscation engine has been enhanced to support more instructions in order to produce an even more randomized output.

Currently, @fancy__04 and myself we are doing a lot of testing to verify that all changes have been correctly applied.

Hopefully, the new version will be released soon.


Shellter V -New Demo-

Following the recently uploaded demo video, here it is another great one created by @fancy__04 this time.
In this demo, the author uses Shellter in order to perform an advanced payload injection on the well-known putty application that is triggered on a specific action taken by the user. All the power of Shellter in a demo video of pure awesomeness.