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Shellter V [5.4] – User Defined Encoding Sequence

Despite the fact that Shellter v5.3 was just released, I am already working on the next version which will be hopefully out quite soon.

So what’s new in the upcoming Shellter V [5.4] , you might be asking yourself.
Well, the new version introduces the ‘user defined encoding sequence’ feature.
What that means, is that optionally the user will be able to define a custom encoding sequence using the supported encoding operators.
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London Stack Smashers -Overview-

London Stack Smashers is a fairly new social event that tries to gather IT Security professionals and enthousiasts around this subject.
After being there for doing a short presentation for Shellter, it’s time to provide some feedback.
The organizers were very kind and it is clear that they are trying their best to set everything up. However, I didn’t like much the space where the event took place.
That being said, it is quite obvious that sponsors would be more than welcome.
Overall, I can see that there is some passion towards this event, but the motivation behind it is not so clear to me yet.

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What Shellter is…NOT!

I have seen crazy things being said online about this project. People talking about it without having any clue about what Shellter really is (doing).
The funniest thing about it, is when people actually blame the tool itself while they totally use it in the wrong way; feeding to the tool whatever might come to their head. NO KIDDING!

What Shellter is NOT:
i) packer
ii) crypter
iii) executable obfuscator
iv) whatever you think it is

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